PEEK performance parameters
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Product characteristics:
PEEK is a kind of aromatic crystalline thermoplastic polymer material. Its melting point is 334 C. It has high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, radiation resistance and good electrical properties.
High temperature resistance: PEEK resin has a high melting point (334 C) and glass transition temperature (143), continuous use temperature of 260 C, its 30% GF or CF reinforcing grade load thermal deformation temperature as high as 316.
Mechanical properties: PEEK resin has good toughness and rigidity, and it has excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress as compared with alloy materials.
SELF-LUBRICATING (CORROSION RESISTANCE): PEEK resin has excellent sliding characteristics and is suitable for use in low friction coefficient and friction resistance conditions.
Chemical Resistance: Its corrosion resistance is similar to that of nickel steel, PEEK only dissolves in concentrated sulfuric acid, and has good chemical resistance, especially at high temperature than polyimide acid and alkali resistance.
Flame retardancy: PEEK resin is a very stable polymer, 1.45 mm thick sample, without any flame retardant can reach the highest flame retardant standards.
Irradiation resistance and peeling resistance: PEEK has good radiation resistance and peeling resistance, so it can be used to make special purpose electromagnetic wire.
Fatigue resistance: PEEK resin has the best fatigue resistance in all resins.
Hydrolysis resistance: The products made of PEEK resin and its composites can still maintain good properties when used continuously in high temperature and high pressure water.
Machinability: PEEK resin has good fluidity at high temperature and high thermal decomposition temperature. It can be processed by injection molding, molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, melt spinning and so on.
Insulation stability: PEEK has good electrical insulation properties and maintains to a high temperature range. The dielectric loss is also very small at high frequencies.
Wear resistance: PEEK has good wear resistance equivalent to polyimide.

Application area:
PEEK has been widely used in many fields, such as petrochemical, electronic and electrical, instrumentation, mechanical automobile, medical and health, aerospace, military nuclear energy and so on. Examples: the more mature domestic applications are: air compressor piston ring, thrust ring, stop ring, valve plate, bacterial valve, star wheel, seal ring, ball valve seat, bearing cage, oil-free lubricated bearing, magnetic pump isolation sleeve, electrode, gear, screw, electromagnetic wire, radiation window protection, microwave digestion tank, wafer bearing Apparatus and so on.

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