PEEK performance parameters
Release time2018-11-07

First, performance profile:
Polyetherimide PEI has outstanding heat resistance (long-term temperature resistance 180 C), good toughness and rigidity, high hardness, good wear resistance, outstanding electrical properties, making it extremely suitable for electrical and electronic insulation (that is, at high temperatures require high strength and stiffness of various structural components square) Face). PEI has been widely used in medical devices and analytical instruments because of its good hydrolysis resistance. It also has excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, and can pass through microwave. At the same time, as a non-crystalline material, because of the high melting point, PEI has good heat insulation, so PEI profiles can be used as high temperature 300 C heat insulation plate.

Two, application area:
1. PEI has excellent comprehensive balance performance, and has been successfully applied in the electronics, electrical machinery and aviation industries, and can be used as a substitute for traditional products and cultural and domestic products.
2. In the electronics and electronics industries, PEI components have been widely used, including high strength and size-stable connectors, ordinary and micro relay shells, circuit boards, coils, soft circuits, mirrors, high-precision compact optical fiber components. Especially noticeable is that it can be used instead of metal to make optical fiber connectors, which can optimize the structure of the components, simplify the manufacturing and assembly steps, and maintain more accurate size, thus ensuring that the cost of the final product is reduced by about 40%.
3. Impact-resistant sheet Ultem1613 is used for various parts of aircraft, such as porthole, nose parts, seat backs, inner panels, door covers and various objects for passengers. PEI and carbon fiber composite materials have been used in various structural parts of the latest helicopters.
4. With its excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, PEI is used in the automotive field, such as high-temperature connectors, high-power lamps and indicators, sensors for controlling the external temperature of the cabin (air-conditioning temperature sensors) and sensors for controlling the temperature of air and fuel mixtures (effective combustion). Burn temperature sensor). In addition, PEI can also be used as a vacuum pump impeller resistant to high temperature lubricant erosion, a grinding glass joint (socket) of a carburetor operated at 180 C, and a mirror for a non-illuminated fog-proof lamp.
5, PEI foam plastic, used as transport and mechanical aircraft insulation and sound insulation materials.
6. PEI has excellent hydrolysis resistance and is therefore used as a handle, tray, fixture, prosthesis, medical lamp mirror and dental appliances for medical and surgical instruments.
7. In the food industry, pallets used for product packaging and microwave ovens.
8. PEI has excellent high temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance, so it can be used to manufacture the valve parts of the water pipe steering valve. Because of its high strength, flexibility and heat resistance, PEI is an excellent coating and film-forming material, which can form coatings and films suitable for the electronic industry, and can be used to fabricate microporous diaphragms with pore size less than 0.1 micron and high permeability. It can also be used as high temperature resistant adhesive and high strength fiber.

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