PEEK performance parameters
Release time2018-11-07

First, performance profile:
Polyamide imide PAI-Torlon has excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability under high temperature. The main characteristics are as follows:
1, the air temperature is very high (at 250 C).
2, the best dimensional stability in the range of 250 C.
3. Excellent abrasion and friction properties.
4. Outstanding UV resistance.
5. Excellent anti high energy radiation properties (gamma rays and gamma rays).
6, inherent low combustibility.

Two, application area:
1. Impeller of rotary compressor
TORLON 4301 PAI is an ideal material for manufacturing sliding impeller of rotary compressor because of its excellent performance after long operation. High material stiffness and good dimensional stability ensure that the impeller can enter and exit freely from the slotted rotor even when the temperature rises.
2, cans mold
TORLON 4301 PAI mold is used for supporting aluminum cans when printing. This tank mold has superior dimensional stability and high wear resistance, long service life and increased productivity.
3. Cup body welding support
These TORLON 4301 PAI bearings are used for food packers to complete the sealing of aluminum foil for plastic yogurt cups. The use requirement of the bearing is high wear resistance, and the highest temperature is up to 200 degrees C.
4, chipset and socket
The TORLON 5530 PAI chip set and socket are used for chips. Because of the dimensional stability of TORLON 5530 PAI in a wide temperature range, the reliability of the test is improved and the service life is prolonged.

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