PEEK performance parameters
Release time2018-11-07

First, performance profile:
PSU/PSF is a slightly amber amorphous transparent or translucent polymer, excellent mechanical properties, rigidity, wear resistance, high strength, even at high temperatures also maintain excellent mechanical properties is its outstanding advantages, its temperature range is - 100-150, long-term service temperature is 160, short-term service temperature is 190, thermal stability High sex. It has good radiation stability, low ion impurities, good chemical and hydrolysis resistance, excellent precipitation resistance (suitable for sterilization room using steam), and can be transmitted by infrared light and microwave radiation. In addition, it also has good hydrolysis resistance, good dimensional stability, small molding shrinkage, non-toxic, radiation resistant, flame resistant and quenching.

Two, application area:
1. Electronic and electrical field
Electronic and electrical is currently a major consumer of PSF, electronic and electrical to small, lightweight, high-temperature direction of development, promoting the growth of PSF consumption. PSF can be used to make various contactors, contacts, transformer insulators, silicon controlled caps, insulating sleeves, coil skeleton, terminal posts and rings and other electrical parts, printed circuit boards, axle sleeves, cover, film and television system parts, capacitor film, brush holder, alkaline battery box, etc.
2. Automotive and aviation
In the field of aerospace and automotive manufacturing, PSF is suitable for making protective cover components, electric gears, battery covers, detonators, electronic ignition device components, luminaire components, aircraft internal parts and aircraft external parts, spacecraft external protective cover, etc. In addition, PSF can also manufacture lighting baffle, electric drive and sensor. Worldwide, the increasing demand for polysulfone polymers used to make cabin components is mainly due to their low heat release, less smoke and less toxic gas diffusion, which fully meet the requirements of safe use.
3, cooking utensils, food processing machinery
PSF is a non-toxic product recognized by FDA in the United States. It can be used to make repeated contact with food. As a new transparent material, PSF is superior to other thermoplastic plastics in hot water resistance and hydrolysis stability. It can replace glass and stainless steel products and meet the required performance standards.
In the kitchen goods market, PSF products include steam dishes, coffee containers, microwave cookers, milk and agricultural products containers, egg cookers and milking parts, beverages and food distributors. In food packaging, PSF can be used in various containers, making use of its good microwave permeability characteristics to make microwave containers. In addition, PSF can also be used as a connecting tube, the outer layer of the tube is high strength, the inner layer is chemically resistant, lighter and transparent than the steel tube, easy to be controlled, often used in the food industry and the lamp shade for making high-intensity lamps.
PSF in the field of health and medical fully meets the hygiene requirements. It can withstand repeated disinfection by 130 C steam. It can be used as a substitute for stainless steel, aluminum and other medical instruments to reduce costs. Medical devices that can be produced by PSF include surgical discs, sprayers, humidifiers, contact lens clamps, flow controllers, instrument covers, dental instruments, pacemakers, respirators, etc. Medical products made with PSF are cheaper and less likely to rupture than glassware, so they are used in instrument housing, dental instruments, heart valve boxes, blade cleaning systems, soft contact lens forming boxes, micro filters, dialysis membranes, etc. It can also be used for setting teeth, and its strength is twice as high as that of polyacrylate.
4, commodity application area
Commodities made with PSF are mainly heat-resistant and hydrolysis-resistant products, including humidifiers, steam irons, camera boxes, projector components, etc.
5, adhesives, coatings
All polysulfone containing silane can be used as an adhesive. It is used for sizing fiberglass and graphite fiber and making composite materials. PSF with silylane reinforced with graphite fabric can make aircraft components such as elevators. PSF and solid lubricant polytetrafluoroethylene can be used to make abrasion resistant coatings. Industrial applications PSF can also manufacture a variety of chemical processing equipment, including pump cover, tower protective layer, food processing equipment, pollution control equipment, dairy processing equipment and engineering, construction, chemical pipelines and so on.

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