PEEK is a semi-crystalline high-temperature thermoplastic that is a truly unique product for designers. The performance of this product is almost or nearly perfect compared to other engineering polymers. The PEEK temperature index is 480 degrees Fahrenheit. UL94 has a flame resistance rating of V-0, low smoke generation and low emissions of combustion gases. In addition, this product has excellent electrical performance and can maintain the electrical stability of the product during frequent changes in temperature and temperature.

PEEK is resistant to chemical attack by a variety of organic and inorganic liquids, and is insoluble in common solvents. In addition, it is not affected by steam and hot water and has low hygroscopicity. This product has excellent dimensional stability and easy production process. Unfilled PEEK is corrosion resistant. Graphite is added to the pure PEEK, and PEEK with PTFE added has low friction and excellent wear resistance. For customers with high hardness requirements, the company provides PEEK GF30 with glass fiber added, and PEEK is not added with light beige color. It can be equipped with large-volume rods, fittings and plates.

Relative heat index up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit
Resistance to general chemical solvent corrosion
Good power performance
Low smoke output and combustion gas production under the UL V-0 standard
High bearing capacity, high hardness and good toughness
Low hygroscopicity
Good dimensional stability
FDA compliant
Medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing
Aerospace manufacturing
Liquid treatment
Power electronics manufacturing
Automobile manufacturing and transportation
Oil industry
Medical equipment
Semiconductor wafer processing unit
Piercing pump
Analytical Instruments
Press parts and seals
Bearing and bushing

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