PPSUPolyphenylene sulfone resins
PPSU is an amorphous thermoplastic with high transparency and high hydrolytic stability. The article can be subjected to repeated steam sterilization.
PPSU, scientific name: Polyphenylene sulfone resins PPSU polyphenylene sulfone resin is a polysulfone (PSF series). It is a novel thermoplastic engineering plastic, which refers to a polymer compound containing a sulfone group and an aromatic nucleus in a molecular main chain, and is non-crystalline.
Characteristics and application of sulfone resin polymer (PSF/PSU/PES/PASF)
1, characteristics
a. Sulfone resin is an amorphous thermoplastic:
High transparency;
High hydrolytic stability: The product can withstand repeated steam sterilization (lifetime at 145 C steam for at least 12 years);
b. Rigidity and toughness: Maintain physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties over a wide range.
c, continuous use temperature:
PSF (PSU): 140 C;
PES: 180 C;
d, unique flame retardancy, low smoke and chemical resistance, high melt viscosity during processing, easy to produce products with uniform performance.
Electronic and electrical
Food utensils
Dairy processing equipment
Daily necessities
General industrial sector
Mainly used in electrical and electronic, food appliances, dairy processing equipment and some daily necessities, automotive, aerospace, medical and general industrial sectors, making various contactors, connectors, transformer insulation, thyristor caps, insulating sleeves, coils Skeleton, terminal, printed circuit board, bushing, cover, TV system components, capacitor film, brush holder, alkaline battery box, wire and cable coating. The sulfone resin can also be used as a protective cover component, an electric gear, a battery cover, an internal and external parts of the aircraft, an outer shield of the spacecraft, a camera shutter, a lamp component, and a sensor. Instead of glass and stainless steel for steam plates, coffee containers, microwave cookers, milk containers, milker parts, beverages and food dispensers. Sanitary and medical devices include surgical discs, sprayers, humidifiers, dental instruments, flow controllers and laboratory instruments, adhesives for bonding high-density teeth, pump housings for chemical equipment, and protection outside the tower. Layer, acid-resistant nozzle, pipe, valve container, etc. China's polysulfone resin is mainly used in medical equipment, food processing machinery, electronic instruments and textiles.
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